Toni Mäkelä, who has been Deputy CEO of Nurminen Logistics’ subsidiary North Rail Oy since August 2023, became the company’s CEO on 1 December 2023. 

“I take on this new role with confidence. The company is in good state, and we seek growth by creating a competitive railway market in Finland in a customer-oriented manner. This is a good starting point for me to take the company forward,” says Toni Mäkelä. 

Ilkka Seppänen, who has been the company’s CEO for a long time, will retire as planned, but will continue to work for the company to support the management. “I am happy to leave my duties to my successor Toni Mäkelä. North Rail has good owners, competent management and committed personnel,” says Ilkka Seppänen. 

“My warmest thanks to Ilkka for a great career”, Toni Mäkelä wishes. 

North Rail Ltd 

Further information: Olli Pohjanvirta, Chairman of the Board, North Rail Oy +358 40 900 6977